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Address: 199106, Russia, St Petersburg
Vassilievsky Island, Business Centre Mekhanobr
22 line, building 3, office 622
Telephone: + 7 951 669 7513
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About MELC Consulting - "Responsible Life"™


Companies operating responsibly should care about their facility's impact on the environment, about the well-being of their employees, the quality and life cycle of their products. Using international experience and best practices in such areas as quality, environment, health and safety, social responsibility, business integrity, food safety, sustainable forest management (chain of custody), etc., we assist you in attaining these objectives.

Our approach

MELC's approach is to integrate any one or all of these management systems into one harmonious core business system, optimizing our client's documentation, economizing their costs on company time and auditors, but at the same time satisfying the requirements of the individual management systems.

Our clients

Clients such as "MedPol" Ltd. (StP), ZAO "Fishery Enterprise" (StP), "Weir Minerals RFW" (Moscow), "KiiltoClean" (StP), "Chelny Broiler" (Tatarstan), "Agrosila. Chelny-MPK" (Tatarstan), "Huhtamaki Foodservice Alabuga" (Tatarstan), St. Petersburg sugar factory, "BSC" (Sterlitamak), Trade House "Bashkhim", "Cherkizovo-Kormoproizvodstvo" (Lipetsk), "NOVOFERMA" (St.Petersburg), "Beelogistic" (St.Petersburg),Kutterer Rus (St. Petersburg), Tonar (St. Petersburg), Agram-Ug (Rostov-on-Don region), Agroprom pererabotka (St.Petersburg), Huhtamaki S.N.G (Moscow), Everest (St. Petersburg), "Trouw Nutrition Voronezh" (Voronezh Region), "Vostok-Zapad" (Moscow Region. Krasnodar, Ekaterinburg), Perfetti Van Melle (Moscow), Chupa Chups Rus (St.Petersburg), Johnson Controls (Moscow), Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant (Bashkortostan), Sintez-Kauchuk (Bashkortostan), VMPAUTO (St.Petersburg), Nizhnekamskneftykhim (Tatarstan), Tetra Pak (Timashevsk and Moscow), Belkozin (Luga), Novgorod Metallurgy (Novgorod the Great), WBD (Moscow), Heineken (St. Petersburg), Baltika (St. Petersburg), Burevestnik (St. Petersburg) are a few of the well-known companies we can proudly say we have consulted and taught, and who are happy with the quality of our work.

Our team

MELC Consulting offers you the rare opportunity of western specialists who work full time in Russia, speak and write in Russian, are able to communicate with all levels in your company, and who do excellent work at reasonable prices. The rich and varied experience of our international consultants and trainers will facilitate the continual improvement of the management of your company. We take pride in the quality of our work.

See MELC North-West for Translator/Interpreter training and testing and English/Russian training.

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